Choose Best Deep Cycle Battery Charge Controller for your Solar Panels System

The Best Deep Cycle Battery Charge Controller gets 3 to 5% of the whole solar power system cost. When investing in a quality charge controller ensures your Best Deep Cycle Battery which extends life and reduces associated costs.

Solar Controller

Choosing a well-made charge controller is essential to the long life and most efficiency for your entire solar power system.

Why you Need a Best Deep Cycle Battery Charge Controller for your Solar Panels System?

The charge controller monitors and regulates the rate of solar panels electric current that is flowing into and out of the battery bank. So that it prevent overcharging and deep discharging. Depending on the charger technology, it protects battery life too.


Benefit for using Right and Best Deep Cycle Battery Charge Controller:

  • Protect battery from overcharging and deep discharging.
  • Increase long-life battery.
  • Optimize for maximum solar panels power transfer to the battery.

Which Deep Cycle Battery Charger is a Best and Most Efficient for your Solar Panels System, MPPT or PWM?

There are two dominant charge controller technologies on the market: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). They work in different ways and they suited for different types of applications.

PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers are both popularly used to charge batteries with solar power:

PWM Solar Charge Controller:

The PWM Solar Charge Controller is designed for optimized to extend the life of battery. With applying higher voltage in short bursts PWM solar charge controller essentially clean-off the lead plates that are a central part of the battery storage system.

  • PWM solar charge controllers are cheaper than MPPT solar charge controllers.
  • Recommended for use in smaller solar systems (< 150W).
  • Well performs in warm weather.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller:

The MPPT Solar Charge Controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is designed convert the voltage from your solar panels system with optimized for maximum energy transfer to the battery bank.

  • MPPT controller is typically more expensive than PWM.
  • More efficient, they can produce better power (10‐15%) with the same number of solar modules than a PWM controller.
  • With 150W – 200W or higher of solar system will take advantage of MPPT benefits.
  • MPPT controller is better and suited for colder conditions.


The Best Deep Cycle Battery Charge Controller monitors the status of batter. Depending to voltage status, it will determine when to disconnect or reconnect battery to its solar power source. Some Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger has digital screens to keep you informed of the charge status of battery.

Remember, a Best Deep Cycle Battery Charge Controller is an integral part of your solar system.

  • PWM solar charge controller: are less expensive and suitable for smaller solar systems where price point is critical or where the additional power is not really needed.
  • MPPT solar charge controller: maintain optimum power levels between solar panels and battery. They are very efficient, particularly in cold temperatures, and come in a range of models.

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