The Tasks of a General Contractor
A general contractor is responsible for overseeing a construction project on a daily basis. He or she will oversee vendors and other trades and coordinate information with all stakeholders. This role is extremely important and must be performed correctly and efficiently. Listed below are the tasks of a general contractor. To find out more about the job of a general contractor, read this article. It will help you make an informed decision and choose the right contractor for your project.

The first step in the construction process is to hire a general contractor. This individual is responsible for overseeing the entire construction project from the design phase to the final product. As part of this role, the general contractor will collaborate with the architect and the interior designer and will work to meet the project’s deadline and quality requirements. The contractor will also ensure that the project remains on schedule and within budget. Listed below are the common roles of a general contractor.

In many states, general contractors must have a license in order to do business. Unlicensed general contractors can face penalties. All contractors working on a project worth more than $500 are required to have a license. The Contractors State License Board oversees this licensing process in California and sets requirements, including education and experience, as well as describing the license exemptions. There are many benefits to having a license. In addition to protecting consumers, hiring a general contractor also increases your chances of success.

Payment plans can vary. Most GCs outline a payment schedule based on the amount of work involved. They may ask for a down payment to start the work and then require the balance of money when the project is completed. Some GCs will ask for payment upfront, however, and this type of approach has significant risks. Regardless, it is best to stick to the payment schedule outlined in the contract. A good general contractor can eliminate many project complications.

General contractors manage day-to-day activities on the construction site. Their primary responsibilities include scheduling, hiring subcontractors, and ensuring that all aspects of the construction project are up to code. They are also accountable for any problems that arise during the construction process. Most large commercial projects are run by a general contractor, who also hires specialty contractors to perform certain tasks. In addition to managing the day-to-day activities of construction, a general contractor acts as a liaison between the owner and various tradespeople.

Florida has strict requirements for general contractors. To be licensed in the state of Florida, a general contractor must be certified by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. To get a license, a contractor must have four years of construction experience or a combination of construction education and experience. They must also provide proof of insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Lastly, a general contractor must pass an exam through the state’s licensing board. If you are unsure whether your contractor meets the requirements for the state, you can contact the Department of Licensing and Insurance.

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