My Favourite Songs: Music for Love

You may be surprised to know that music is an important tool for some professionals. Health practitioners often choose to play particular types of music in waiting rooms to ease the fear of clients.

Retail outlets use music to raise the energy of browsers; people who are happy and energized spend money more quickly. Religious services use music to help congregations turn their thoughts to worship. Schools and educational media use music to speed learning.

Favourite Songs

Who doesn’t like music? Even people who aren’t necessarily music-lovers can name a few tunes they enjoy.

Even the less musically-inclined among us probably have favourite singers, instruments, and genre, or type, of music. The more music we hear, the more preferences we develop, and we hear a lot of music!

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In all of it, perhaps the most common theme is love. Call it romance, call it passion, sway to a ballad or gyrate to hip-hop – whatever you do, be sure to include music in your romantic plans! This lens will give you an overview of some of my favourite love songs. Continue reading “My Favourite Songs: Music for Love”